Vintage Fashion: James Dean Style The Red McGregor Drizzler Jacket


The James Dean style from the 1950s has been copied over and over as the iconic anti-hero look. In the 1950s when breaking rules was out of the question he took a step to the left and broke them In Rebel Without A Cause. James Dean in his Lee jeans white t-shirt and bold red McGregor Drizzler Jacket has become the epitome of rebellion. Finding one of these jackets however isn’t so easy.

James Dean Style

He created a market for attitude and color and created a token James Dean style with his vintage McGregor jacket, the difficult part isn’t finding a McGregor jacket from this period, it’s finding a red one. Be warned that wearing one of these jackets will get you noticed because it takes guts to wear red. The reason these vintage jackets are so sought after is that it suited the teenage angst and rebellion of James Dean from a period when no one rebelled.


James Dean Style The McGregor Drizzler Jacket

Troll ebay and you might find one but expect to pay $200 – $350 for it. If you’re lucky you might find one hiding in a thrift rack but it’s highly unlucky that you’ll find it in red. And when you see one, be sure to charge for it like a raging bull!


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