Vintage Fashion: How To Buy A Womens Leather Motorcycle Jacket


Spring is here, it’s time to get out your womens leather motorcycle jacket and parade though the city like you own it. Or if you don’t own a motorcycle jacket yet, we can help you find one. Flip through pages of fashion magazines, you see leather moto jackets (made to look old) making a comeback. We believe moto jackets never went OUT of style, but that’s another story. What is missing from these new jackets however is the character and history that comes with owning the real thing, and we’d like to help you find an original.

Womens Leather Biker Jacket - Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing

So how do you hunt for a womens leather motorcycle jacket? You start by perusing thrift stores and being patient. Alternatively if you are willing to spend a bit of money say $70 – $200 and would rather not wait for the vintage moto jacket of your dreams to appear, just scour your local vintage boutiques. It will increase your chances. Check for zippers that are big and chunky with names like IDEAL, and feel the leather to ensure it doesn’t sag and keeps it’s shape on the hanger – in the mid 1980s quality went south, leather moto jackets tended to sag and droop. A sign of poor quality.


Etsy also has some great deals if you dig, a quick search will reveal what is currently on the market. If you’re purchasing online check the sizing and ask lots of questions, shipping back and forth can be costly especially if you purchase something that doesn’t quite fit. Sizing the sleeves is key, the length of the leather jacket can fluctuate and women can get away with most sizings. And sometimes the shorter a jacket is in length the sexier it looks.

You can also tell a leather jacket is vintage by examining the creases and wear around the edges of the sleeves and collar. Has the leather flaked off? Is there a irreparable hole? These types of worn-in details can be gorgeous. Check for tags that say Made In The USA and labels like Schott (the classic motorcycle jackets the Ramones wore) and old department store labels like Montgomery Ward, which are quite unique. If you’re lucky you might find one with hand lettering painted on the back, or some punk studs that give it some character.

Keep an eye out for those vintage leather gems we know they’re out there waiting for you. Best of luck on your hunt!


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