Vintage Fashion: How To Be A Vintage Fashionista On A Budget


How do you become a vintage fashionista on a budget? Obsession, commitment and openness to the ever changing world of fashion. A vintage fashionista stays on top of fashion as it happens, as it existed in the past, while saving money and having fun. This is going to take some work. Fun work. Here are some tips to help you hone your skills and become one of the elite Vintage Fashionistas who save money while they shop. And if you’re already are one congratulations, simply go down the list and check them off!

Vintage Fashionista Flapper from 1928

How To Be A Vintage Fashionista And Save Money

1. Know what looks good on you, because it’s all about you, you are honest with yourself and you know what fits your body. You don’t waste any time trying things on because you already know what works.

2. Consider every purchase carefully with a simple math equation: how versatile is this? how often will I wear it? Don’t be misguided by a cheap price tag, do your math to ensure the item will be worn. This will save you money in the long run, and reduce your closet to only the best vintage items.

3. Pay with real money not plastic. A true vintage fashionista exercises self control and has a budget in mind before leaving the house. They also have a drawer for all their plastic and exercise smart shopping. By carrying cash you are more self aware of what you can spend and less likely to bring home something you regret and will never wear.


4. Know how to recycle vintage. You’re so in tune with what is popular at the moment that you have a perfect punk vintage leather jacket to go with those shoes! By owning vintage clothing that can be worn over and over, and are not based on a period, but based on what looks good and is timeless, ensures you will always be fashionable and ahead of the curve.

5. Use your phone-calculator. A smart vintage fashionista checks her phone a lot, not just for text messages from her fans but to do math on her calculator. A simple calculation could save loads of money in the long run, because you have a monthly fashion budget in mind. And know what you can spend.

6. Accessorize to elevate your look. You don’t always need an expensive vintage dress to look great, accessorize and accentuate your look with bracelets or a hat. These simple add-ons can inspire a whole new you!

The trick to being a vintage fashionista on a budget is having self control, being confident, and sticking to your budget. Good luck, and don’t forget to leave those cards at home!


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