Vintage Fashion: Grandpa’s Vintage Sunglasses

When grandfather passed away i got a tiny cardboard box from my uncle with random scraps of paper, a little Italian tape measure and this neat pair of vintage sunglasses which were made in China. The detail on the bridge and the style remind me of knock-off Ray Bans from the 1950s.¬†And I suppose they aren’t all that vintage or rare, but they are still a score.

Vintage sunglasses, Ray Ban knock offs.

Grandpa’s Vintage Sunglasses

My grandfather rarely wore regular sunglasses because he had these turtle shell prescription glasses, so the mystery remains why he even owned these. But there is something about them that I like. I will wear them one day if I ever get contact lenses. For now they just sit on the shelf.

If you have any great scores that were passed on to you from family or a relative, send us a picture and the story behind it, we’d love to hear.

Best of luck this weekend if you’re out there vintage hunting!



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