Vintage Fashion: Dad Jeans Are Back!

Okay so you’ve seen the headlines, dad jeans are making a comeback and you’re just as perplexed as we are. Only in a weird way you secretly want to steal a pair from your dad’s closet. Your dad wore them and he was cool at one time, heck maybe he was right all along. Or as the New York Times quotes “Don’t donate those Jerry Seinfeld jeans to the Salvation Army just yet” Jerry is a dad and he wears jeans, big whoop!

What is it about dad jeans that make them dad jeans? Is it the relaxed denim, the too-comfortable-for-the-rest-of-us swagger that comes with wearing them? Dad jeans are simply jeans that aren’t tight. What gives dad jeans a bad rap is that they are usually worn with Brooks running shoes and a Blackberry holster that swivels. Or they get hiked up to their nipples with a shirt tucked neatly in. Those are dad jeans. It’s a lifestyle. But there’s nothing wrong with wearing looser fitted jeans, even faded ones!

Levis 501 - The Ultimate Dad Jeans

Levis 501 – The Ultimate Vintage Dad Jeans

Who is really interested in wearing tight, slim fitted jeans anyway? Come on people, were they really that comfortable?! You’d be lying if you said yes. Loose is where it’s at. Take a great pair of Levis 501s, it’s a loose jean, it fits and looks good, is it a dad jean? Maybe.  Who cares! Call it whatever you want. Dad, Papa, Don Yuan. Big dif.

Levis 501 - The Ultimate Dad Jeans

Levis 501 – The Ultimate Vintage Dad Jeans

Those who threw their Dad jeans out are probably kicking themselves right now. Not to mention all of this brings about a brightside for vintage hunters who thrift because there’s an influx still of dad-denim out there just ready to be plucked! Be selective, be open, be on the lookout for a great pair of jeans that fit you. Men should wear something that looks good, and loose is making a comeback.


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