Vintage Fashion: A Womens Vintage Hermes Scarf


Womens scarves add extra flair and color to an outfit, this is especially true when it comes to a classic Hermes Scarf. A bold statement when entering a room, Hermes scarves add contrast and draw attention to a woman like a target.

Womens Scarves - Vintage Red Hermes Scarf


An authentic vintage Hermes scarf is a quality piece of art. And there are couple of key points to look for if it is an original

1.  Pre-1950s there were no copyright symbols on them

2. 1960s – 1980s Hermes used the copyright “C” in a circle, and in many cases the “C” is hidden in the design

Womens Scarves - 1970s Vintage Hermes Scarf

Many Hermes designers since the 1930s were commissioned to created the artwork and most are credited on the scarves themselves. Hermes Paris introduces two collections per year. Some older prints are re-released in limited number however many designs and periods are not replicated making the vintage Hermes scarves highly collectible.

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