Vintage Egg Cups From A Great Aunt Make A Healthy Breakfast


I walked in the kitchen the other morning and a roommate unveiled several rare antiques gifted to her from her great aunt. Some were rare plates, there were some cups, and then there were these two characters. These were some of the best breakfast antiques I’d ever seen, because they made me smile. Talk about a healthy breakfast! Just invite these two guys along, a couple of eggs, and you’ve got a party! I had to grab my camera and capture the moment.

Healthy Breakfast - Hard boiled egg fun!

From what I could tell they’re made of wood, the first little guy is a pinocho type drummer boy. The other is chicken with his mouth open. What also makes these characters so unique is that they both wear hats that keep an egg warm. Perfect while you’re waiting for your toast. The hats are knitted in unique patterns and match the characters perfectly.


Healthy Breakfast - Hard boiled egg fun!

As you can see from all the smiling, these guys could make even the toughest mornings fun. And starting your day with a healthy breakfast of hard boiled eggs and a smile, isn’t so bad.

I have no idea where her great aunt found these but I truly believe that the things we get gifted from family are some of the greatest scores of all.


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