Vintage Wedding Dresses From The 1940s – 1970s

1940s vintage wedding dresses

  We wanted to highlight some fundamental styles of vintage wedding dresses to prepare you for your hunt, this simple guide covers the basics of 1940s through to the 1970s vintage wedding dresses. 1940s Vintage Wedding Dresses Practicality was in fashion for 1940s wedding dresses. This was a result of World War II, clothing was […]

Vintage Fashion: A Vintage Emilio Pucci Caftan Heaven Does Exist

Vintage Emilio Pucci Caftan

  It’s still summer, hot days are ahead and there is nothing more comfortable and insanely fabulous than wearing a vintage designer Caftan. It’s perfect for sipping Ros√© and floating around your backyard admiring the color of every flower. Speaking of flowers, we recently discovered this gorgeous 1960s vintage¬†Emilio Pucci Caftan at Shrimpton Couture’s online […]

Vintage Fashion: The Halston Vintage Designer Dress

Halston Heritage Collection Vintage Scores

Halston fashion is synonymous with the 1970s and Studio 54, and eyeballing the look of the Halston Heritage collection today is both a nod to the art and taste of the era but also of great design from a time that has since passed. Related posts: Gianni Versace Fashion Designer Vintage Fashion: A Vintage Emilio […]