Why Levis Vintage Clothing Make The Best Jeans For Men

LVC 501xx Best Jeans For Men

  7 years ago I bought two pairs of LVC 501XX from Klaxon Howl in Toronto and I think these are the best jeans for men but then I made two stupid errors. The first pair I accidentally threw in the garbage, I know, I know, I’m kicking myself but I was purging my closet and it must’ve got mixed […]

Vintage Denim: Union Made Lee Denim Jacket Sanforized

Vintage Lee Denim Jacket - Union Made

Scored a gorgeous, shredded Lee Denim Jacket the other day for $10. It was one of those days when you find something you just don’t expect. I was waiting for someone and decided to pop into an old vintage boutique in a basement that does wholesale vintage. The average age in there was about 18 […]

Vintage Mens Fashion: The Return To Klaxon Howl Part Two

Klaxon Howl Denim Jacket

  Klaxon Howl is a welcome stop along Toronto’s Queen Street west for mens fashion. What makes it special is that Matt Robinson’s own Klaxon Howl boutique label is something of an anomaly, especially when you understand his obsession and respect for the past. It inspires every thought, every pattern and every stitch. In a previous […]

Vintage Denim: 5 Ways To Make Denim Look Vintage

Vintage Levis - Orange Tabs

Whether you’re buying new or second-hand denim, achieving that vintage look is determined by how you treat them. Here are 5 ways to to make denim look vintage. Related posts: Vintage Denim: The Cult Of Denim Vintage Denim: Union Made Lee Denim Jacket Sanforized Vintage Fashion: Dad Jeans Are Back! Why Levis Vintage Clothing Make […]

Vintage Shopping: Best Rome Vintage Boutique

Vintage Hermes Scarf at Blue Goose in Rome

  Blue Goose is one of the newer additions to Romes vintage boutiques along Via Del Boschetto in Monti. And from the moment you enter the boutique the knowledgeable friendly staff greet you as if you have just entered a hidden pocket of vintage designer gems that nobody else knows about. Right off the start […]

Vintage Shopping: Top 5 Tips For Rome Vintage Hunting

Rome Vintage Hunting

The city of gods rests in the history books as the quintessential shopping destination. Which is great for Rome vintage shoppers because there is excess of designer clothes that get recycled by Romanians. It is also home to some of the worlds top designers and is the fashion capital of Italy second to Milan. Related […]

Vintage Denim: The Cult Of Denim

Vintage Levis Denim Collar

There is a cult like following for vintage denim, how it ages, the stitching. The type of wear you find on originals from the 40s, 50s, 60s and even 1970s is incredible. Denim is art. We totally get it. And when you begin to appreciate vintage denim that has the type of character you can […]