Vintage Denim: The Cult Of Denim

There is a cult like following for vintage denim, how it ages, the stitching. The type of wear you find on originals from the 40s, 50s, 60s and even 1970s is incredible. Denim is art. We totally get it. And when you begin to appreciate vintage denim that has the type of character you can only get from aging the obsession begins. From the 1800s American coal miners with denim workwear to the 50s watch-pocket Levis, vintage denim has become a staple for fashion and function.

The way to truly appreciate vintage denim is to examine the details up close. How it ages depends on how they were worn, and by who. A cowboy, a mechanic, a 1970s punk. The history of that wear and tear  is what truly makes hunting for denim an art form. Next time you’re sifting through a rack at your local thrift store keep your eyes open for classic denim. Who knows you might just find a great vintage denim jacket from the 1950s!

Here are some images of denim details to inspire your hunt. Good luck!

Lee Cowboy Vintage Denim Jeans - Fetched $2600 on Ebay
Rare Lee Cowboy Vintage Denim Sanforized – These Fetched $2600 on Ebay
1940s Vintage Denim Wartime
1940s Vintage Denim Wartime (middle)
NYC Denim On The Street - Photo by Phil Oh
Denim On The Street NYC – Photo by Phil Oh

Crown Overalls – Denim Workwear 1960s



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