Vintage Denim: 5 Ways To Make Denim Look Vintage

Whether you’re buying new or second-hand denim, achieving that vintage look is determined by how you treat them. Here are 5 ways to to make denim look vintage.


5 Ways To Make Denim Look Vintage:

Rule No. 1.
Be picky about your brands. Classic Lee jeans, Levis red or orange tabs have the most potential. We don’t want to rule out a great pair of Jordache jeans if you can find them. Stick with the major players and you will be grateful you did.

Rule No.2
Don’t buy pre-washed  Pre-washed is pre-junk. No amount of wear or dirt will ever give these character unless you’re planning on living in a mine shaft for 8 months out of the year.


Rule No. 3
Develop a taste for raw denim. Raw Levis 505s and 501s look amazing after 4-6 months of wear before you wash them. Meaning yes, you wear them every day for 6 months. Sound gross? It won’t once you wash them and see the great whiskering on the front, sides and behind the knees. This is what we call denim art.

Levi's 1890 XX501 Raw

Levi’s 1890 XX501 Raw Denim

Rule No. 4
Never, ever, ever, iron your jeans. Ever.

Rule No. 5
Keep a thick wallet and a big set of keys on you at all times. The scene in Seinfeld where George Costanza couldn’t sit down properly because his wallet was over-stuffed – model yourself after him. Once you discover the curious details and wear it adds to your denim, you’ll be glad you did.

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