Vintage Books: Jack Kerouac On The Road First Edition

The ultimate score for a 1950s book collector is a first edition of Jack Kerouac On The Road. In April 1951 Jack Kerouac wrote On The Road in only three weeks typing constantly onto a 120 foot roll of teletype paper. His characters were based on real life events and real people. It is a collection of stories pieced together from Kerouac’s little notebooks that he carried with him while hitchhiking across the United States. He was a beat wanderer and his book inspired a generation.


The king of the beat poets and more importantly the man who coined the term Beat, Jack Kerouac constantly wrote about his search for truth. His stream of conscious style prose make this novel is the ultimate bible of Beat lifestyle. It’s about not being tied down to possessions or places, but about living and celebrating everything we have to be grateful for. On The Road is a state of mind and a huge departure from the starchy conservatism of the 1950s.

On The Road is very hard to find. Looking for an first edition print? Be prepared to open your wallet they fetch as high as 30,000 dollars. We’ve found a resource that specializes in sourcing Jack Kerouac On The Road first editions but you’ll need to sit down and talk with your bank first, especially in cases where Kerouac has signed a copy or added a note. He was notorious for not showing up to book signings as all literary revolutionaries should.


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