Vintage BMW RS Motorcycle With Sidecar, WWII?


It’s as cold day and I’m on my way for Dim Sum with my friend Matt when we discover a vintage BMW RS motorcycle with sidecar, parked along the side of the road in beautiful condition. Like something out of WWII film with flat green and black military finish and raw utilitarian frame, this motorcycle is outta sight.

Vintage BMW RS Motorcycle

Vintage BMW Motorcycle

A motorcycle like this doesn’t appear very often because of it’s age however BMW engines are known to last well over 500,000miles and it’s likely ridden a lot. It looks to be about early 1960s and judging by the two-up seating on the bike and spoke wheels, the owner has maintained it’s original setup. It’s hard to tell however whether the gas tank is original. It almost looks like the original was replaced with one from a vintage BSA motorcycle.

Vintage BMW Motorcycle


Vintage BMW Motorcycle

The sidecar is in beautiful shape and appears original based on the detailing and near perfect rain cover. I can only imagine what the ride must be like in that sidecar. A mix between, absolutely thrilling and heart-attack! I just had to stop and snap a few pictures for VS. It pays to keep your eyes peeled in the city especially when a vintage motorcycle like this appears!

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