Vintage Antiques: Follow Your Heart

A conversation over coffee recently lead to shopping for antique furniture and the importance of understanding the value and history of vintage antiques you find. My point of view is that sometimes (often) it doesn’t matter when the piece was made, by who, or what it’s worth. The real question is, do I love it? Will I look at it everyday and be glad it’s in my home?


I collect vintage silverware, vintage teacups and vintage furniture and in all cases I feel the most important thing about hunting is finding pieces you connect with and love. Not the monetary value of what it’s worth. I especially find this with vintage antiques like buffets and cupboards made with old wood that have character and tell a story. I enjoy the mystery of a piece, not necessarily knowing where it came from, that’s what makes it interesting.

I included this photo of an old cupboard of which I know none of the history or value, but I do know what joy it brings me to look at it. Good luck on your hunt and don’t forget to follow your heart!

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