Things To Do In West Palm Beach For Vintage Hunters


If you are looking for things to do in West Palm Beach, this is a must. Drive along South Dixie Highway to a non descript area called Antiques Row, it’s an antique and collectable lovers paradise.

things to do in west palm beach - antiques row

To locals it’s a place where they can find great antique furniture, silverware and lamps. To visitors looking for something to do in West Palm Beach it is a journey into the past of old Palm Beach.

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You don’t have to look very far to find antiques and collectables with some rare and interesting history. And if the weather in West Palm Beach get’s cloudy as it sometimes does, any vintage hunter knows it’s a great day for vintage hunting and antiquing!

The beauty of this trip is that you can simply park your car and walk the entire strip, moving from one store to the next. The owners are friendly and their collections are vast. The antique stores are clustered conveniently in little plazas and stores that line both sides South Dixie for several blocks. It makes for a little exercise, plenty of temptation and a lesson in history.

What is most appealing about the vintage hunting here is that you can find great antiques that are in absolutely mint condition. The only downside is that the area was one time a hidden gem and people caught on, so the vintage fashion, jewelry and furniture can be a bit on the expensive side. But don’t let this dissuade you, Antiques Row really is one of the best things to do in West Palm Beach and it’s rich with history and discovery.

How did all the great vintage furniture and vintage jewelry get here? Historically when rich vacationers came south to Palm Beach they brought with them some of their best furniture and clothing to their winter retreat. It’s an area littered with money. And when it came time to remodel a classic West Palm Beach Hotel or renovate one of the many Palm Beach beachside homes the turnover was huge with great quantities of midcentury modern furniture, gorgeous art and fashionable wardrobes full of Gucci. And you can still find it all today on Antiques Row.

One of the highlights of your day here is that after you’ve been antique hunting for a couple of hours you can find a booth and rest your feet in one of the best West Palm Beach restaurants in the area. It’s nothing fancy but it’s a perfect little greasy spoon called City Diner, just a stones throw away from the shopping. A perfect place to end the day and plan your next Palm Beach adventure.

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