Things To Do In West Palm Beach For Jewelry Hunters


We were looking for things to do in West Palm Beach when we came across Antiques Row, an area littered with great antique stores and unique vintage shops. Once parked we found ourselves staring into a window with unusual jewelry, unique rings, and chunky necklaces. We had just discovered D. Brett Benson Inc.

Unique Jewelry West Palm Beach

As the door closes behind us with a chime, we hear the warm voice of Kevin who tells us the story of how he helps his friend Brett Benson the owner and buyer of jewelry, by looking after the store here in West Palm Beach. It is relatively new to the area and has only been on Antiques Row for two years, and from looking around it’s clearly a fitting, classy addition.


Art Deco Unique Jewelry West Palm Beach

The room is lined with glass cases meticulously organized by designer and by period. The collection spans the turn of the century primarily the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. What we discovered was that a lot of the unique jewelry is actually rare costume jewelry. Kevin called it travel jewelry, these were copies of the real thing that women wore on vacation. And it was very expensive in it’s day, and replicas were almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Unique Jewelry West Palm Beach

To give you a sense of just how much jewelry is in this one store, it is the largest curated collection in Florida. Kevin also told us that Brett the owner is from a small town in Illinois and has been buying jewelry for 32 years. His parents were farmers and took him around to auctions as a little kid, which is where he fell in love with rare jewelry and costume jewelry and never looked back. As Kevin was explaining this I kept getting distracted by the art deco rings and ran off with my camera to investigate.

Unique Jewelry West Palm Beach

Every glass display that line the walls is an adventure, we got lost absorbing all the history of the unique jewelry pieces , to be honest it is a little overwhelming which is why I took so many photos because I wanted to go back and spend time looking at everything in more detail later.

Things To Do In West Palm Beach - D. Brett Benson

Unique Jewelry West Palm Beach

Thanks to Kevin for his graciousness and hospitality and for showing us some of the most incredible antique jewelry and costume jewelry we have ever seen in one place before. Visit their website to check out the Antiques Row website where they feature more or their their unique jewelry, if you’re looking for things to do in West Palm Beach put this in your GPSD. Brett Benson Inc. 3629 S. Dixie Hwy WPB, FL 33405

You can also see their unique jewelry here: and for the Chicagoans in the room they have a booth in Chicago at the Broadway Antique Market, Booth #763. 6130 N. Broadway Chicago, IL.

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