Things To Do In Palm Beach Florida Area For Vintage Lovers


We just got back from vintage hunting in Palm Beach and have lots of tips and stories to share. We learned that Palm Beach is a glorious destination where palm trees line the streets, Ferraris appear at every turn, and where you can find an enormous collection of vintage Pucci. We also found a store that has the most incredible collection of vintage costume jewelry we have ever seen. And some spectacular clothing and furniture that would make your head spin trying to carry it all back on the plane. 

Palm Beach Vintage Boutiques

Vintage hunting in Palm Beach and West Palm for us was an opportunity to find really great vintage fashion that is still in beautiful condition. And the buyers who visit or live here that are looking for a vintage Gucci purse, Pucci gown or mid-century modern chair they can expect it is in mint condition. So the bar is really high. And from what we’ve seen there’s plenty of vintage that is.

Can’t wait to share some of our finds! Check back as we unveil vintage hunting in Palm Beach Florida.


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