The Vintage Shopper: What Type Of Shopper Are You?

There are many unique types of vintage hunters out there, sometimes they stand out and are wearing head to toe vintage, other times they don’t. We have listed a few, you might fit in one of these descriptions, or several descriptions depending on how hardcore you are when it comes to vintage hunting. What type of shopper are you?

The Digger: 

These are hard-core vintage hunters willing to stick it out for an entire day at Flea Markets, Garage Sales or Thrift Stores no matter what it takes. They are easy to spot because they engage you in conversations about what they find. They are willing to look anywhere and are filled with useful tips about the best places to go and the cheapest places to hunt. These hunters are also not afraid to share where they hunt.

Most Likely To Be Found: The new arrivals rack, or feet sticking out of bins.

The Elitist Hunter: 

These vintage mercenaries take their vintage hunting seriously. They don’t share where they hunt because they are on a top-secret mission. Get them talking however and they love to brag about their finds. They are the unexpected vintage hunter because they dress to kill, always stylish and they pride themselves on their originality. They don’t talk about their secret life and keep a close lid on their affairs, because if they did they might slip-up and give away their favorite vintage spots. The Elitist doesn’t need any competition.

Most likely to be found: In obscure suburban Thrift Stores far away from city centers.


The Collector:

These hunters are on a mission, they carry a list, it’s all about the list. Vintage dolls, teacups, vinyl records, comic books, vintage board games, designer handbags. They have a one-track mind and are focused on adding to their collection and checking off the list. Don’t ask them any questions about what they’re searching for unless you have an hour to spare to go over their list.

Most likely found: Cataloging at home or Facebooking their latest score with details.


The Vintage Princess: 

“I love vintage but I don’t like looking for vintage” you’ll hear. Diva’s hate the smell of thrift stores, the old clothes, the people, and are paranoid something hasn’t been washed. Their tolerance for getting their hands dirty searching for something in overcrowded stores is a waste of their precious time and energy. They are primarily interested in designer vintage and are willing to spend extra in specialty shops to get it. These hunters are not looking for a deal, they have designer labels in mind and go directly to the source that specializes.

Most likely to be found: Searching online vintage boutiques and visiting high-end urban boutiques in major cities.


The Glued-To-My-Laptop Hunter:

They scour craigslist, they know their Etsy or Ebay seller by name and usually send them a holiday card. They pride themselves by being familiar with whom the best sellers are and where to search for particular items. They are strict about online etiquette and feedback for each shopping website and leave a perfectly respectable trail of thank you’s. They would never under any circumstance consider stopping at a garage sale or entering a Thrift Store. Why would they? Everything is right at their finger tips.

Most Likely to be found: Slumped over their laptop.


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