The Nostalgia of Vintage

When you shop for vintage does it mean you’re nostalgic? Is vintage shopping a longing for your past? Do antiques and collectables have the power to reconnect you with an idealistic era, you or your family were connected to? Nostalgia has to do with all of it. To be brought back in a time when a product was hand made in america,

or tea cup on your grandmothers shelf was a constant reminder of a sunday dinner. Each vintage shopper has their motivation for why they hunt. Some of us do it for a living, others do it for inspiration and ideas for the present to contrast what’s new. Each of us have our reasons.

And whether we are aware of it or not, there is a nostalgic bone in all of us, that is ready to get in the time machine and experience it all again. When you consider that photo you keep in a drawer, and putting on your vintage designer dress, the moment is now embellished, because you’ve made it rich with history. To flip through your old baseball cards recalling New York Yankee games and the stats of each player during their best years, these are all hypnotic reminders of where we came from why we seek nostalgia.

Vintage polaroid of a Diner in New York

Vintage polaroid of a Diner in New York

As we look back on 2012 and years previous, the past becomes important, a memory of where we came from that reconnects us with home. Perhaps a dreamy home where a 1950s chevy pulls in a driveway and teak furniture surrounds us at coctail hour, listening to Dean Martin croon on the turntable. And why can’t we go back? Let’s do it. Let’s embrace nostalgia and celebrate it because it still excites us, it is our fuel for the future, it dictates fashion, architecture and decor.

So the next time you sip from your vintage cocktail glass, crack that book open and go back to a time before us, let’s remember why we love nostalgia and why the past is important again. Vintage is a comfort, a warmth and a hug and it’s what got us here in the first place. So when something catches your eye and you turn on your heel for a closer look, maybe it is nostalgia that is tapping your shoulder inviting you in.

As 2012 ends and a new year begins, the trail of vintage and nostalgia is always in the mirror looking back at us like an old friend.

All the best in the coming year, and good luck finding your next vingage score.

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