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Rockabilly style is a collection of articles representing music, fashion, accessories and scores from the 1950s.

Vintage Sunglasses: How To Buy Vintage Sunglasses For Men

Roy Orbison Glasses - Vintage Sunglasses

  When buying vintage sunglasses it helps if you have a particular period in mind before you start, for example a hollywood actor from the 1950s, or a musician who wore a style you dig like Roy Orbison. Even if you have a designer in mind like Gianni Versace. Anything goes as long as it […]

Vintage Sunglasses: Original Buddy Holly Style Frames

Vintage Sunglasses, Vintage Buddy Holly Glasses

  The death of a rock star creates an enormous void especially when that famous rock star wears vintage Buddy Holly glasses. Buddy Holly asked his Optometrist for the most inconspicuous frames he could find. His optometrist on the other hand was of a different mind and quelled his inhibitions about having to wear glasses. And when away on vacation in […]

Vintage Shopping: Corner Store, Saint Paul Minnesota

Corner Store Vintage Leather Jackets

Sometimes curiosity can take you to some incredible cities for vintage hunting, each city has it’s own hunting spots and some are not easy to find, but if you ask locals in Minneapolis where the best vintage is, most will point you to St. Pauls. The people there are super friendly and the area is really inspiring […]

Vintage Records: Quirky Vintage Vinyl

Calling The Wild Turkey

When digging for vintage vinyl records you discover the strangest things, typical record bins are overrun with Billy Joel Glass Houses or James Last vinyl and things you see a lot. Most vinyl collectors have to sift through tons of bad vinyl just to find the good stuff. Occasionally you get an old Johnny Cash […]