Vintage Shopping Online Are You A Hoarder Or Collector?

Are you a hoarder or collector?

There is a fine line when vintage shopping online to being a hoarder or being a collector, and the line gets blurry. Vintage shopping online is a fairly predictable exercise, you start with your heart set on something or stumble blindly across a vintage purse that makes your heart go batty. You do your research, study […]

Vintage Shopping: Top 5 Tips For Rome Vintage Hunting

Rome Vintage Hunting

The city of gods rests in the history books as the quintessential shopping destination. Which is great for Rome vintage shoppers because there is excess of designer clothes that get recycled by Romanians. It is also home to some of the worlds top designers and is the fashion capital of Italy second to Milan. Related […]

Vintage Jewelry: Gianni Versace Medusa Bracelet 1980s

Gianni Versace Medusa Bracelet

  The Italian designer Gianni Versace had a fixation with bold statements. His choices were always creative and embodied a circus of color, classicism, and ancient roots of civilization. His 18 carat gold Versace jewelry line with bright gold Medusa heads are beautiful pieces of vintage jewelry. The Medusa bracelets from the 1980s to the early 90s are statement […]

Vintage Cars: How To Buy A Porsche 911 From The 80s

1980s Porsche 911

When you think Porsche 911 do you think, reliability? The 1980s were good years for Porsche, they were the yuppie years when people bought loads of them. And you still find them on the roads today because they were built to last. For someone interested in owning a Porsche 911 without the sticker shock, some […]

Online Vintage Shopping Experience Has Exploded

Vintage Shopping Evolved

  Finding online vintage fashion is evolving rapidly, and depending on the type of vintage hunter you are it can be an especially exciting time to find vintage fashion online. Post-recession mood is wearing off and people are paying more attention to the details again. The antiquity, style and nostalgia we all adore can be appreciated […]

Vintage Jewelry: The Space Proof Omega Moon Watch 1957

Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch Gemini - Vintage Watches

  What signifies the ultimate vintage wristwatch? It would need to be indestructible, waterproof, have high-grade steel, exceptional movement and sound. In 1957 however the Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch was required by NASA to be “Space Proof. Flight Qualified by NASA for all Manned Space Missions” the Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch was sourced by NASA as a […]

How To Clean Silverware Sets

how to clean silverware sets

Cleaning silverware sets can be a nostalgic journey into the past and with so many beautiful pieces to discover hiding under a layer of dirt and oxidization, it’s good to know how to clean silverware sets and bring them back to life. Plus antique silverware adds elegance to a room and can completely change an environment, so where […]

The Art Of Collecting Vintage Tea Cups

Antique Teacup Collecting Is So Rich With History

  A lot of people started collecting vintage tea cups because they had them given to them as gifts from a family member. Eventually they create their own antique tea sets matching the designs, colors and history. And because they are all so different once you learn how to examine tea cups you just can’t […]

Bauhaus Movement Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair 1925

Marcel Breuer Chair - Originally Designed in the Bauhaus 1920s

  Replicated and ripped off a thousand times over because of it’s innovative and masterful use of design, Marcel Breuer created the world’s first Tubular Steel Chair. While at the Bauhaus Marcel Breuer had a unique philosophy about furnishings and how they suit people and in 1925 Germany this concept was earth shattering. “The furnishings, the […]

Vintage Furniture: Obsessed With Danish Teak Furniture

Danish Teak Furniture - Design Born Of The Bauhaus Era

To be obsessed with Danish Teak Furniture means you are a voyeur of good design, aware of the details, aware of the simplicity and of the ageless craftsmanship that goes into every cut. Danish perfection gave birth to mid-century modern style, from the early choice of rich dark teak wood to the sharp corners and […]

1950s Fishtail Parka

Fishtail Parka 1950 - The Who Quadraphenia Also Made it Popular

  The 1950s war machine introduced The Fishtail Parka as one of the true layered ‘flexible clothing’ systems. It could be worn in all weather conditions. The ‘Fishtail Fins’ in the back were originally meant to be tied to your legs to give you full insulation and a closed garment system. It enabled the United States […]

Vintage Fashion: Vintage Hermes Kelly Bag 1956

The Hermes Kelly Bag, Vintage Luxury

The vintage Hermes Kelly Bag is what celebrity status looked like in 1956. It was an ageless luxury and one of the most iconic bags of the twentieth century. Originally designed by Robert Dumas-Hermès in 1930 as an accessory for the automobile, it was something both exquisite and practical.  Related posts: Vintage Fashion: A Womens Vintage […]

Vintage Fashion: The Navy Deck Jacket

Paul Newman Wearing a Vintage Navy Deck Jacket

  It’s the perfect January morning to pull a watch cap over my head and put on my vintage Navy Deck Jacket. I call them boat coats but the real term is a Navy Deck Jacket and if it’s rainy or cold outside there’s nothing better to wear, they’re warm and made for heavy weather. […]