Palm Beach Vintage Hunting at Groovy Palm Beach Vintage With “EJ”


I’m having a hard time describing my experience at Groovy Palm Beach Vintage, on one hand it’s a hidden gem filled to the rafters with the largest collection of vintage Emilio Pucci, and Lilly Pulitzer jackets I have ever seen. Then there’s the vintage Gucci mens shoes and women’s shoes and the hats, ties and more…but I’m getting sidetracked, “EJ” the owner was mildly offensive.

Palm Beach Vintage Hunting - Groovy Vintage Palm Beach

Don’t get me wrong it was entertaining, he definitely knows what he’s talking about and can spot a vintage 1960s Pucci dress from three blocks away in a strong wind, and certainly he does get excited when he sees you try something on from his shop. But make no mistake if you enter the store he’s got a big personality and makes his presence known.

Palm Beach Vintage Hunting - Groovy Vintage Palm Beach

The person I was with hesitated to buy a vintage 1960s Emilio Pucci leisure wear set, dress and jacket, because I was so put off. But it was EJ’s excitement and absolute riveting gumption to fawn over her while she tried it on, that made her go back the next day and buy it. EJ knows his stuff.


Palm Beach Vintage - Lily Pulitzer

If I were to recommend a vintage boutique in Palm Beach, because really there is only one, the rest are consignment stores that circle the block around Groovy Palm Beach Vintage. If however you do decide to check out the other stores you are guaranteed to come back to EJ. Which is exactly what he told us when we entered his store.

Check back with for a full photo preview of the vintage Emilio Pucci leisure wear set, mentioned here! It’s gorgeous and has a spectacular Pucci pattern. See you soon.

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