Searching for Travis McGee at Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale


After a cruise to Key West then down to the Bahamas I returned to the ship's martini bar to read a few pages from a Travis McGee novel "Pale Gray For Guilt" that I brought with me to ruminate about old Florida and prepare for my pilgrimage to the Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale dock F18, where Travis McGee once lived. The Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale … Read The Article

3 Rules For Antique Teacup Hunters

Antique tea cups hunting

  Rule #1. Find Something You Like I can't stress this point enough: find something you like. Whether that's a color, a pattern, a style, a period. Whatever gets your heart racing, follow that. Collecting should be fun and there's so much out there to find if you know what you're looking for! Rule #2. All In The Family Aunts, uncles, … Read The Article

What To Do In Florida For Dinner in 1960

What to do in Florida in 1976

  Common food in an uncommon setting, the Kapok Tree Restaurant in Florida was the place to go for dinner from the late 1950s to the early 1990s. The streams of vacationers in a fall migration would every year head south to their seaside Florida rentals and once they got settled in, they would get all dressed up and head to dinner at the … Read The Article

Things to do in Toronto for The Music Historian And Leonard Cohen Fan In You

Things To Do In Toronto - Matador Club Sign

  I'm always looking for things to do in Toronto and often times the best things I stumble upon unexpectedly. Just the other day I was out walking in the rain just two blocks from my house and I realized that I had never taken a photo of the most amazing landmark in my neighbourhood. Since I moved to College West seven years ago … Read The Article

Living Room Decor Ideas And A Truckload of Typewriters For Sale

Typewriters For Sale Queen West - seen by

  Every weekend that I head out into the great wide open with hope that I bring back with me a story about a rare discovery or just something cool, and luck would have it the other day I found a truckload of old typewriters for sale on Queen Street west. Some worked some didn't. I recently wrote an article about the attraction of … Read The Article

More Vintage Scores

Vintage Typewriters For Sale And The Lost Art Of The Letter

Gorgeous Hermes Baby - Typewriters For Sale - by

  It was designed and built in Switzerland and I was delighted to find it. I wasn't looking for anything special just meandering through my local bookstore when I discovered a whole host of old manual typewriters for sale on the floor and picked the finest of them all, the Hermes Baby. I … [Read More...]

I Love Cars And Classics, Especially When It’s A Datsun 280ZX In Mint Condition

Cars and Classics The Datsun 280zx

  While spending two therapeutic days up north with my good friend Jack this winter, I learned a lot about the peacefulness of being by a lake, how to make mean martinis, and the finer points of his classic Datsun 280ZX. The minute Jack opened his garage I dove for my camera. I had to … [Read More...]

Documenting Toronto’s Diners Before They’re Gone: The Avenue Diner Since 1944

Toronto Diners The Avenue Diner

  I'm sitting on a stool at the Avenue Diner off Avenue Rd. and Davenport in what is the tiniest piece of real estate. I'm joined by my friend Kenny on the continuation of my Toronto Diner pilgrimage. It's the lunch rush and we're hungry. I order the Avenue BLT and fries. … [Read More...]

Documenting Toronto’s Diners Before They’re Gone: The Patrician on King St.

Toronto Diners The Patrician Grill

  There are only a handful of classic diners left in Toronto, the Bloor Street Diner, the Rosedale Diner but they don't exactly count if you want the vintage experience. Places like the Avenue Road diner serves a mean breakfast but you need to get there early if you want a seat. Diners seem … [Read More...]

Why Levis Vintage Clothing Make The Best Jeans For Men

LVC 501xx Best Jeans For Men

  7 years ago I bought two pairs of LVC 501XX from Klaxon Howl in Toronto and I think these are the best jeans for men but then I made two stupid errors. The first pair I accidentally threw in the garbage, I know, I know, I'm kicking myself but I was purging my closet and it must've got … [Read More...]

Mens Denim Jacket The 1950s Headlight Railroad Chore

1950s Vintage Denim Chore Jacket by Headlight

  I really don't need anymore new clothes but then I walked into Klaxon Howl, it was the last day before they were closing their store and vintage was 15% off when I saw a vintage Headlight Railroad Engineers jacket from the 1950s. The name originated from the light at the front … [Read More...]

Westsail 32 The Dream That Won’t Go Away

Westsail 32

  When I think of my happy place I think of being rocked to sleep in the comfort of the cabin on a 1974 Westsail 32 in rolling seas. Of course I also have a deep fear of sea sickness but we won't get into that. And at some point during this dream of rocking back and forth on a Westsail it … [Read More...]

Things To Do In Palm Beach On Foot

Things to do in Palm Beach Florida - Stroll Worth Ave. and See Vintage Cars

  Voted one of the most iconic streets in America in 2013 if you're looking for things to do in Palm Beach Florida head over to Worth Avenue. And it's a great stretch for vintage car spotting and ogling the locals. On any given day you will see loads of brand new Porsches, Maseratis and … [Read More...]

Things To Do In West Palm Beach For Jewelry Hunters

Things To Do In West Palm Beach

  We were looking for things to do in West Palm Beach when we came across Antiques Row, an area littered with great antique stores and unique vintage shops. Once parked we found ourselves staring into a window with unusual jewelry, unique rings, and chunky necklaces. We had just discovered … [Read More...]

Things To Do In West Palm Beach For Vintage Hunters

things to do in west palm beach - antiques row

  If you are looking for things to do in West Palm Beach, this is a must. Drive along South Dixie Highway to a non descript area called Antiques Row, it's an antique and collectable lovers paradise. To locals it's a place where they can find great antique furniture, silverware and … [Read More...]

How To Break In Womens Vintage Leather Boots

womens vintage leather boots

How do you break in a pair of womens vintage leather boots? It's not like buying a new pair, and you're not exactly starting from scratch. And to be honest they might never fit exactly the way you want because they had a previous owner, however there are strategies to speed up the break in process … [Read More...]

Gary Grimshaw Rock And Roll Art Poster Legend Is Dead at 67

original gary grimshaw posters

  Lincoln Park south Detroit gave birth to a legend in rock and roll history, however at 67 Gary Grimshaw the psychedelic rock poster artist died Monday. Grimshaw's posters are a testament to his love of the 1960s San Francisco Fillmore posters and psychedelic scene. He adored their freedom … [Read More...]

Palm Beach Vintage Hunting at Groovy Palm Beach Vintage With “EJ”

Groovy Palm Beach Vintage

  I'm having a hard time describing my experience at Groovy Palm Beach Vintage, on one hand it's a hidden gem filled to the rafters with the largest collection of vintage Emilio Pucci, and Lilly Pulitzer jackets I have ever seen. Then there's the vintage Gucci mens shoes and women's shoes … [Read More...]

Nautical Lighting At Home The Joys of Antique Ship Lanterns


  Since I was a child I always wanted and antique ship lantern, the type that sailors would hold out on a rainy night at sea, to help guide them on deck as waves crashed rolled by. Just you, a few flying fish, and your oil lamp. It's the thought of nautical lighting that comforts me like I … [Read More...]

Things To Do In Palm Beach Florida Area For Vintage Lovers

Palm Beach Vintage Boutiques

  We just got back from vintage hunting in Palm Beach and have lots of tips and stories to share. We learned that Palm Beach is a glorious destination where palm trees line the streets, Ferraris appear at every turn, and where you can find an enormous collection of vintage Pucci. We also … [Read More...]

Vintage Wedding Dresses From The 1940s – 1970s

1940s vintage wedding dresses

  We wanted to highlight some fundamental styles of vintage wedding dresses to prepare you for your hunt, this simple guide covers the basics of 1940s through to the 1970s vintage wedding dresses. 1940s Vintage Wedding Dresses Practicality was in fashion for 1940s wedding dresses. This was … [Read More...]

Mens Waterproof Boots 1950’s Ball Band


  Vintage hunters are always on the lookout for a rare find, which is exactly what happened when my friend Derek scored a pair of vintage mens waterproof boots by Ball Band. These were originally made in Mishawaka Indiana around the 1950s the details and history of these boots are what make … [Read More...]

Womens Vintage Leather Moto Jacket by Brimaco

Womens 1960s Vintage Leather Moto Jacket - Brimaco

  As we mentioned in previous articles, finding the perfect vintage leather moto jacket can take years. And when you do finally find one it's well worth the hunt. Just the other day we walked into our favorite vintage boutique in Toronto, we were just browsing, it was really an opportunity … [Read More...]

Vintage BMW RS Motorcycle With Sidecar, WWII?

Vintage BMW Motorcycle

  It's as cold day and I'm on my way for Dim Sum with my friend Matt when we discover a vintage BMW RS motorcycle with sidecar, parked along the side of the road in beautiful condition. Like something out of WWII film with flat green and black military finish and raw utilitarian frame, this … [Read More...]

Grandmas Advice For Vintage Hunting

Grandmas Advice For Vintage Hunting

  You're out vintage hunting and you see something rare, you get butterflies but also a feeling that if you don't purchase this rare item immediately, someone else will. Except, you haven't done your research and you don't know whether this thing is even worth a red cent. Then it … [Read More...]

Vintage Egg Cups From A Great Aunt Make A Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast - Hard boiled egg fun!

  I walked in the kitchen the other morning and a roommate unveiled several rare antiques gifted to her from her great aunt. Some were rare plates, there were some cups, and then there were these two characters. These were some of the best breakfast antiques I'd ever seen, because they made … [Read More...]

Vintage Home: I Want A Vintage Carhartt Overalls Pam Clock!

Carhartt Overalls Union Made - Pam Clock

  Something happens when you plan a spontaneous evening out, like a night at my favorite restaurant UNION on Ossington. Where I got a closer look at the vintage Carhartt Union Made Overalls Pam Clock, hanging on the wall above the bar. I just knew it was something special. Cahartt was … [Read More...]

Vintage Denim: Union Made Lee Denim Jacket Sanforized

Vintage Lee Denim Jacket - Union Made

Scored a gorgeous, shredded Lee Denim Jacket the other day for $10. It was one of those days when you find something you just don't expect. I was waiting for someone and decided to pop into an old vintage boutique in a basement that does wholesale vintage. The average age in there was about 18 and … [Read More...]

Vintage Mens Fashion: The Return To Klaxon Howl Part Two

Klaxon Howl Denim Jacket

  Klaxon Howl is a welcome stop along Toronto's Queen Street west for mens fashion. What makes it special is that Matt Robinson's own Klaxon Howl boutique label is something of an anomaly, especially when you understand his obsession and respect for the past. It inspires every thought, every … [Read More...]

Vintage Home: The Underwood Vintage Typewriter

Antique Typewriters - Underwood Typewriters

  We were having dinner at a friends house the other night and low and behold, we discovered a great Underwood antique typewriter, staring us in the face. The detail and inner workings of a classic typewriter like this make it a work of art for your home or office. And we began to dream … [Read More...]

Vintage Books: Fall Book Hunting Adventures

Rare Books Toronto

Browsing second hand book stores in fall is soulful. One of my favourite pastimes is walking aimlessly through old book stores, handing my bag to the guy behind the counter in exchange for a stub with a number marked on it, and getting lost. I step over a pile of old Penguin books spilling over the … [Read More...]

Vintage Fashion: Pennys Pay Day Vintage Denim Workwear Jacket 1940s

Vintage Workwear 1940s Penny's PAY DAY Denim Jacket

  Having the right connections for finding vintage denim makes all the difference. It also helps if you're always looking. I just so happened to be in the right place at the right time when I discovered a great vintage work wear jacket from the 1940s, union made by PAY DAY called Penny's. It … [Read More...]

Vintage Mens Fashion: The Return To Klaxon Howl Part One

Klaxon Howl - Vintage Military, Workwear, Vintage Workboots, Vintage label

  I'm on a subway heading west to Klaxon Howl, mens vintage and designer clothing store run by Matt Robinson. Matt is a vintage junkie who collects and sells classic military, navy, hunting and vintage workwear. This inspired his own Klaxon Howl designer label around 2010. It's a great … [Read More...]

Vintage Mens Fashion: Klaxon Howl and The Curse

Vintage Mens Fashion, Original Vintage - Klaxon Howl Toronto

Why is it every time I try to go shopping for mens vintage fashion at Klaxon Howl something prevents me. It's either exhaustion, I've come down with a cold, or it's closed on Canadian Thanksgiving. And who could blame them for being closed. It's beautiful weather, it's a day off to kick back and … [Read More...]

Vintage Vinyl: 1969 The Best Of Buffalo Springfield Original Pressing

Buffalo Springfield - Vintage Vinyl

  Southern California rock and roll in the 60s exploded when Neil Young and Steven Stills reunited in traffic on the sunset strip, and formed the band Buffalo Springfield. Touring the Catskills, the south, and doing the club circuit in LA, the Springfield developed a devoted following and … [Read More...]