Nautical Lighting At Home The Joys of Antique Ship Lanterns


Since I was a child I always wanted and antique ship lantern, the type that sailors would hold out on a rainy night at sea, to help guide them on deck as waves crashed rolled by. Just you, a few flying fish, and your oil lamp. It’s the thought of nautical lighting that comforts me like I were in some Ernest Hemingway novel.

Seafaring antiques can add a mystique to a room, artefacts from the sea are a wondrous thing that can bring the vibe of the ocean itself into your home. Typically these antique ship lanterns are brass and you fill them with oil, you do sometimes find ones that hold candles but not the original vintage lanterns.

antique ship lanterns and nautical lighting

Let’s say you don’t have a fireplace at home, it’s a cold night, it’s snowing outside and you decide to light your antique ship lantern to cozy up the place. Old nautical lighting gives you that feeling of warmth and comfort. It’s the same as sitting by a fireplace, only it’s safer and behind glass. The old lanterns are reminiscent of comfort and ease, and are something sailors for centuries have used to light their way at sea. And I want one bad, but where do I find one of these?


I did some research and there are plenty of places that sell old nautical lighting online if you search, just be prepared to pay the price.¬†At flea markets, antique stores or even garage sales you’ll find them cheaper – you’ll also have more luck searching near coastal waters. They’re not typically used by sailors anymore, it’s just not as practical or safe on a boat as say LED lights, especially if it’s a boat made of wood if you get my drift.

However the comfort an old ship lantern brings to a home is otherworldly, and cozy. And if you close your eyes with one lit, you can just imagine a big ol’ whale swimming up alongside to say hello.


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