Mom’s Top 5 Tips for Shopping Vintage Items And Antique Furniture

My mom Ann, is the ultimate vintage shopper. She’s been vintage hunting for over 35 years and has a house full of beautiful antique furniture and collectibles. One thing she is famous for is grouping her vintage items together, for example all of her antique vases are displayed together, which makes for a simple and beautiful way to decorate. One vintage item is nice but having many items grouped, really makes the pieces special and showcases antiques in an original way.

She mostly shops in thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, and antique furniture stores in Florida, she’s always on the hunt for antique silverware. Here are her top tips for finding great vintage scores for silverware, glassware, vintage picture frames and antique furniture. Mom always has the best advise.

Mom says:

1. “Look for lots of detail and ornate finishing’s on glassware, silverware and furniture”

2. “Pieces with character, something that stands out from the ordinary.”

3.  “Needs to be cheap. Don’t spend more than $20.” – My mom is hardcore.

4. “Some pieces are really, really tarnished where people think it’s crap, when it isn’t and all it needs is a good polish.”

5. “Most important, make sure you like it.”

Mom’s best vintage score:

“A Punch bowl at a Habitat for Humanity thrift store in Clermont Florida. We were pulling out of the parking lot and my friend saw a punch bowl being dropped off, we ran back in and bought it for $80 we later found out it was worth $2000, now that’s a score!

Antique Silverware Punchbowl2


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