MidCentury Modern Furniture at UB in Florence


If you are looking for midcentury modern furniture in Florence the journey is just as important as the destination. And when we discovered UB we didn’t want to leave. On the outside it appears as if a local has just opened their front door for some fresh air. You peek inside and see all the unique vintage furniture and a cornucopia of rare and interesting antiques that you can’t help but invite yourself inside. An old radio greets us as sound fills the room and we begin to look around in awe.

Vintage Hunting Florence

Wurlitzer Vintage Jukebox - Cassettes

Once you actually figure out it is a store that sells vintage by the minimal signage found inside, you look around the space and see that it is cavernous and ancient. The vaulted ceilings are piled high with vintage furniture from the 1950s to the 1960s, old vintage desks and ladders. Vintage typewriters scattered about as if ready to tell a story. And there is a profound sense you are in the home of someone who is an odd and interesting Florence local.


From the vintage mid-century modern furniture to the vintage tube radios that litter the front of the store, there is certainly great taste and a unique sense of style and design to be found everywhere. And most of it is hiding until you start to dig.

Mid-century Modern Furniture at - UB

Venturing into the back hallway next to the cashier, you find an even bigger room with floor to ceiling shelving that holds thousands of rolls of vintage wallpaper. Large pieces of vintage teak furniture line the walls, a glass cabinet where you can find some amazing vintage watches. And in the corner something we’ve never seen before a vintage Wurlitzer cassette-tape jukebox.

From the vintage French wristwatches to the mid-century modern furniture and 1960s lighting, UB has enough hiding inside it’s walls to occupy the most avid vintage hunter.


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