Midcentury Modern Furniture 1960s Custom Teak Diningroom Set


How do you find great midcentury modern furniture? Let people know you’re looking for it. Having leaked this information to everyone I knew the bait was set. A year later I got a phone call “I’m a friend of your mothers, and I’ve got this handmade Danish Teak dining-room set I’d like to get rid of  for $400 are you interested?” I think I coughed the words ‘yes…please’ and immediately rented a van.

Vintage Teak Furniture - Hutch and China Cabnet 1960s

Upon arrival at the house I proceeded to thank her for calling and followed her into the garage to inspect the Teak furniture. It was a huge set complete with six chairs, a table with additional leaves that extend out by sliding from under the others. And a beautiful china cabinet with glass doors and a huge hutch to match. My inside voice was saying “What am I going to do with all this teak! There’s barely any room to fit it into my dining room!” but my outside voice said “I’ll take it!”

As we were loading the teak into the van I noticed great details and how craftsmanship was in every cut. Things like the original stamp from the Danish factory who first built the teak furniture but also the extreme weight of the wood. The finish is perfect.

Vintage Teak Furniture - Danish Design Custom High-back chairs

I also learned that the chairs were custom high-backs made specifically for her. This was an order Danish furniture designers weren’t accustomed to getting in the 1960s. Most Danish Teak chairs from the 1960s were low-backs. This was certainly one of the nicer scores I’ve found and because of the solid teak wood, heavy too!


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