Living Room Decor Ideas Cheap And Simple


I’ve noticed two trends happening lately for living room decor ideas, the first is an influx of vintage typewriters cropping up at local vintage boutiques and in people’s homes, the second is vintage tennis racquets. Odd? Not in the least. Just check out this collage I discovered at the Queen West Antique Center, a throng of neatly arranged antique racquets hung in a lovely mosaic pattern, and you’ll understand why.

Living Room Decor Ideas -

Vintage tennis racquets are easy to find while thrifting and not very expensive. A racquet costs anywhere from $2 – $10 which a small price to pay when you think of the investment you’re making in living room decor ideas. When you get up close and examine them, most of the older ones were painfully crafted with painstaking detail and purpose, built by artisans, some of them actually made by hand the further back you go. And in some cases you can find players names who were the Pro that year and even championship racquets.

Keep your eyes peeled in the sports section of your local thrift shop.

So they’re missing a few strings, perfect it’ll add to the antiquity. Plus much of the aging and oxidization adds a dark rich patina to the wood, it’s not like you have to look after it like you do with vintage Teak Furniture. That and the fact that there’s no need to restring or straighten these historic pieces of art, make for a gorgeous and leisurely competitive antique vibe as the backdrop for great conversation.

Living Room Decor Ideas - Cheap and Simple

Intriguing visuals, a simple and cheap way to decorate your home with that vintage touch, make antique tennis racquets a great score. For those looking for living room home decor ideas on a budget, keep your eyes peeled in the sports section of your local thrift shop.

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