Living Room Decor Ideas And A Truckload of Typewriters For Sale


Every weekend that I head out into the great wide open with hope that I bring back with me a story about a rare discovery or just something cool, and luck would have it the other day I found a truckload of old typewriters for sale on Queen Street west. Some worked some didn’t.

Typewriters For Sale Queen West - seen by

I recently wrote an article about the attraction of vintage typewrites and another on living room decor ideas on the cheap. The antiquity and charm of these old typewriters make them artefacts which can add plenty of charm to a room and really complete a table arrangement. And if they work, inspiration to complete one’s memoirs.

Classic Typewriters For Sale - seen by

For the ones that don’t the attraction with them is purely sentimental, as we live in a time when we all stare blankly into a bright computer screen and have lost the connection with the physical act of hammering away at keys and erecting a written note. Or the joy of seeing mail arrive with the thrill that there might be a letter in there for you.

Vintage Typewriters For Sale - seen by

Finding vintage typewriters for sale on this scale conjure up a multitude of emotion in me which is why seeing one in your home is a perfect ode to classic industrial design and slower times when we all put just a little bit more effort into letter-writing.

Visit Queen West Antique Centre soon if you want to scoop up what’s left of these classic marvels. Good luck.

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