Vintage Lighting: Inspire Your Space With a Vintage Chandelier

Vintage Chandeliers bring inspiration and contrast to an interior. When you shop for new lighting you see the monotony of design, nothing original, all carbon copied and buying something new doesn’t feel like you’re buying something unique or original anymore. A vintage Chandelier however contrasts the most simple, clean lines of a plain interior and gives a room character.Consider a clean egg-shell white room with a vintage Chandelier, the aged ornate quality of a vintage Chandelier adds majesty often without having to change a thing.

Over the past decade many lighting manufacturers have tried to emulate the antiquity of the Chandelier, right down to the rusty detail and paint flaking. Some designers can do it well but the pricing for this ‘vintage look’ is exorbitant when you compare it with the cost of a vintage Chandelier. For a little scrubbing and likely, minor rewiring which is minimal if you ask any electrician, a vintage Chandelier adds a ton more character without the cost.

Vintage Chandelier Mood

Vintage Chandeliers Create atmosphere where there was none.

My mother has collected vintage Chandeliers for over 20 years and if you saw her collection you would be astonished. There are vintage Chandeliers in every single room of the house. This might sound like overkill but studying the various pieces and details they bring to each room, you realize that it is not. She has vintage Chandeliers in the kitchen, over the kitchen counter, the dining table, the living-room, the bathroom and even the walk-in closet. And when you see this you ask, “where CAN’T Chandeliers go?! The garage?” Okay perhaps the garage is a bit too far. But you get my point.

Buying a Vintage Chandelier: Things to Consider 

1. Note the various types: Tiffany, Colonial, Victorian, Empire or Neoclassical style chandelier. Research beforehand the type/period you are hunting for so you have a style in mind that appeals to you.

2. Pay attention to marks engraved with names like “Tiffany” for authenticity.

The beauty you will discover while hunting for vintage Chandeliers is thrilling and unmistakable, the quality of materials of the past, far exceed those of the present. And you begin to notice the extra care and detail that went into the craftsmanship of a time and place when Chandeliers were made – the hinges, the decorative metalwork, the ornate and beautiful glass piping. Lighting artisans of the past were experts who crafted these items not for the masses but in small production, which meant they took their time ensuring detail. Which is why today they are so collectable.

If you can get past the haphazard wires poking out of the top of a vintage Chandelier, sitting in a dusty box in a thrift store, you have masterpiece that will draw eyes toward a gorgeous centerpiece above. The experience and mood these antiques give is unmistakable. In the same way a fireplace becomes the place for gathering, so does enjoying good company and conversation under a vintage Chandelier. Add a dimmer and and the mood changes yet again.

Explore antique barns, thrift stores, and garage sales. Look for them poking out of old boxes and sticking out from shelves. They can sometimes appear to be a rat’s nest in a dark corner. Antique Chandeliers do surface occasionally when you spot one however be ready with cash in hand to bargain. Best of luck we hope you find a truly unique Chandelier.


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