I Love Cars And Classics, Especially When It’s A Datsun 280ZX In Mint Condition


While spending two therapeutic days up north with my good friend Jack this winter, I learned a lot about the peacefulness of being by a lake, how to make mean martinis, and the finer points of his classic Datsun 280ZX.

Cars and Classics The Datsun 280zx

The minute Jack opened his garage I dove for my camera. I had to document this meticulously kept 1982 silver Datsun 280zx. Like a hair pin trigger I started taking shots and with adrenaline belted out “I’d love to do a feature on Vintage Scores for my Cars In Barns series! This is gorgeous.” After the photoshoot I asked if I could get a photo of Jack next to his car. He’s certainly proud of it.

Cars and Classics The Datsun 280zx Cars and Classics The Datsun 280zx

As the original owner he drives it only periodically in the summers. The rest of the time it sits there like a museum piece. And lately he’s lost interest in it, it’s just not what it used to be he tells me. “I think I’m ready to sell it. I’ve had it for a long time and it just doesn’t excite me anymore.” I continued to take photos of every angle while I listened.

Inside the car it feels like you’re in a cockpit, I absolutely love the rocketship style interior, at least a rudimentary 1980s rocketship with clear cut Japanese design and sharp edges. The t-bar style sun roof above has the original sun-block-removable-covers for those sunny days. And it feels like a car that wants to be driven.

datsun-280zx-cars-and-classics-full-dash datsun-280zx-cars-and-classics-interior Cars and Classics The Datsun 280zx

The manual transmission, the tail lights, the elongated shape. From every angle this 82 Datsun 280zx is hard to take your eyes away from. It’s a vintage masterpiece and is testament of an owner who really looks after his car – going over it with a fine tooth comb if something isn’t quite right, or searching out that exact part because it has to be an original.

Cars and Classics The Datsun 280zx

“I took it in once to get the driver door painted, there was a scratch, and I had them paint it 5 times because the color wasn’t quite right. The guys told me, ‘If we paint it anymore you’ll start to notice a difference in the thickness of the paint along the body!’, so I said fine.” I looked myself, and couldn’t tell the difference.

Jack is a perfectionist and I’m kind of sad that he want’s to sell it because I always associated Jack with his perfect Datsun 280ZX, but I understand why he does. Sometimes you just need to clear the board and start fresh. Maybe I could convince him to get a Porsche next.

Cars and Classics The Datsun 280zx

Special thanks to Jack for an incredible weekend and for letting me capture his absolutely stunning Datsun 280ZX. If anyone is interested in owning his sports car, write me a note or leave a comment below, and I’d be happy to put you in touch with him.

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