How To Hunt For Vintage Mens Oxford Shirts


One way for a man to save money and look good is to shop for cheap vintage online, but first you have to learn the art of thrift shopping for mens oxford shirts. How a garment is made, the quality of the cloth, the buttons and label itself should be examined closely. It is an art of patience and great taste. Here are some strategies to help you with what to look for.

mens oxford shirts

How To Thrift for Men’s Vintage Oxford Shirts

1. How Does the Quality Of The Material Feel To The Touch?
Feel the material is the oxford shirt soft to the touch? If it’s abrasive there’s a good chance it will irritate you to wear it.

2. Hold It Up And Examine Both Sides
When you find something you like, hold it up in the light and examine the front and the back of the shirt to ensure there are no holes or stains that won’t come out. If you see any, there’s a good chance somebody already tried to get it out and got rid of it for that very reason. Thrift stores typically have bright fluorescent lights so it makes these imperfections easy to spot. There is nothing worse than getting home only to find a big hole in the elbow and a stain in a shirt pocket.


3. Know Your Colors
No matter how interesting a shirt is if it’s not a color that complements your look, it’s a bad shirt. Know what looks good before you shop.

4. What Labels Look Best On You?
What labels do you look good in? Are GANT shirts the perfect cut? Each designer label has a different fit, try them each on and remember what cut suits you.

Vintage GANT Oxford Shirt

5. Is It Too Big? No Problem

You found the perfect mens oxford shirt but the shirttails are too long and worse it’s baggy. If you love the color and the style you may want to buy it anyway. A good tailor can always shorten those shirttails and sew some points in the back to fit you better. Remember not all is lost if you discover a bigger shirt.

The more you hunt for vintage men’s shirts the better you get at spotting the best, designer labels, patterns and colors. Keep hunting and you are bound to acquire a wardrobe full of some great mens oxford shirts for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

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