How To Break In Womens Vintage Leather Boots

How do you break in a pair of womens vintage leather boots? It’s not like buying a new pair, and you’re not exactly starting from scratch. And to be honest they might never fit exactly the way you want because they had a previous owner, however there are strategies to speed up the break in process for some great second hand leather boots.

womens vintage leather boots

How To Break In Womens Vintage Leather Boots

1. Wear the boots with a pair of wet socks. Make sure the socks have been soaked in warm water, this penetrates and softens the leather to help the boot mould to your foot faster, the gets into the leather leather and loosens it. Walk around the house for a couple of hours in them, just don’t do it for too long or you become prune woman!

2. Wear them around the house. Do some chores in the basement, try them on with your classic Burberry trenchcoat, do a few laps around the livingroom. Hike the stairs and back down again. The more these boots can be on your foot, the better they will begin to feel. And if your feet start to hurt you can take them off right away. Go slow. A word of caution to tread lightly on wood floors especially if there’s a neighbour below.

womens vintage leather boots

3. Buy a bottle of Shoe Stretch liquid. Now I have no idea what exactly is in this stuff, there are no ingredients listed on the bottle which is a little sketchy but it’s amazing what it can do. The label suggests you squirt a portion of it on the leather that is stiff or tight on your foot. Make sure you spray it on both sides of the leather, inside and outside.  I had used this stuff on my own vintage leather boots and they stretched exactly in the areas I needed them to. A few more applications and it might just do the trick.

4. Wear them in short bursts. Don’t plan a 4 hour hike around town unless you want your vintage leather boots to give you blisters because you won’t enjoy wearing them that much afterwards. Take your time and wear them in short increments, once or twice a week to run a quick errand, and the more you wear them the better they will feel. But take some comfortable shoes with you just in case as backup.

5. Buy Insoles. There are many insoles on the market today that mould to your foot, so if you find the break-in process is taking longer than expected soften your step with a fresh pair of insoles that will add that cushy landing throughout the break-in period.

6. Buy Kiwi Shoe Polish. There is nothing that vintage leather boots like more than a little conditioning and shoe polish application. Take your boots to a cobbler and match the color polish to your boot, polish them up once or twice, and really get in there with the polish, and your boots will be singing like the heavens.

It sure helps if you love the boot you’ve found to put in the effort. Don’t give up however if it’s not quite fitting right, it takes time but if they’re a great pair of vintage boots it’s worth it. Keep at it and eventually you’ll never want to take them off again.

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