Grandmas Advice For Vintage Hunting


You’re out vintage hunting and you see something rare, you get butterflies but also a feeling that if you don’t purchase this rare item immediately, someone else will. Except, you haven’t done your research and you don’t know whether this thing is even worth a red cent. Then it happens. Your Grandmother enters your thoughts.

Grandmas Advice For Vintage Hunting

Your Grandmother lived longer than you. She went through the great depression, the 30’s, 40’s, the 50s and she’s tough. She learned a thing or two the hard way. And her advice would probably be “Sleep on it, it’ll all make sense in the morning.” this wisdom comes to you like a diamond bullet and it all makes sense.

Except you refuse to listen, maybe she’s wrong? Maybe you’re so hopped up on coffee you’re imagining it! You think “but grandma, if I don’t buy this now someone else will!” to silence. There’s no answer, and you’re still standing there holding a coat that you think is worth a fortune.

Then it dawns on you, maybe Grandmothers advice makes sense after all, she really only wanted you to be happy, and to know that you’re making the right decision with your money. So you decide to take her advice, take a walk and grab a tea at a nearby cafe and Google the coat on your iPhone.

Ebay reveals the coat isn’t so rare at all, but you love it anyway! And all along as if Grandmother was right there with you having tea too. She’s your vintage guardian angel. Your partner in rare coat hunting! And if Grandma were here today she would most certainly rephrase her advice to be something more like “If you’re not sure, Google it!”


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