Gary Grimshaw Rock And Roll Art Poster Legend Is Dead at 67


Lincoln Park south Detroit gave birth to a legend in rock and roll history, however at 67 Gary Grimshaw the psychedelic rock poster artist died Monday. Grimshaw’s posters are a testament to his love of the 1960s San Francisco Fillmore posters and psychedelic scene. He adored their freedom of expression and the psychedelic approach. In fact he liked it so much that he transplanted it in Detroit with a bold new twist with stark and mesmerizing graphics.

Sun Ra MC5 Gary Grimshaw original poster

Detroit in the 1960s wasn’t exactly known for it’s art scene however Gary captured a spirit of what he loved and brought it together in a big orchestra of color and bold graphic prints for Rock and Roll. When he began producing his ideas in the Grande Ballroom for house band MC5 these posters became legendary. His artwork can still be seen at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum in Cleveland. It was art that stood for an entire generation of artists and fans.

Grimshaw posters were done for bands like Sonic Rendezvous, Jimi Hendrix, Soft Machine, expanding to different venues and different bands throughout his career. Later in life Gary worked for Creem magazine as the associate art director, he published a book “Detroit Rocks: A Pictorial History of Motor City Rock and Roll 1965-1975 and continued to create posters for bands holding exhibitions of his work right up until he died.

If you ever see an original Gary Grimshaw poster snap it up as quickly as you can, it’s a testament of his iconic rise in the Detroit Rock and Roll scene and you will certainly find yourself being drawn to Gary’s psychedelic trance-like posters with buoyant color and exuberant style remembering him as you go.

original gary grimshaw posters MC5 band poster

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