Cool TShirts Of The Neil Young Concert Variety


For 10 years I have scoured Ebay and the internet for cool tshirts when I finally came across some great Neil Young Concert Tees. The period from about the 1970s thru 1980s were what I was zeroed in on they were the years that Neil played with Crazy Horse and had the most interesting designs. For research leading up to the big day I would bookmark pages that had cool tshirt designs knowing that when I found the right one I could act fast and buy it because I did my homework.

Neil Young Concert Tees - Vintage Tees

That day finally came when I found a whole collection on Ebay. I don’t typically buy cool tshirts at an online thrift store, shop etsy or other independent places. But I would occasionally visit Sonic Boom records in Toronto for their vintage Tees that would appear on the wall. And once in a blue moon a Neil Young Tee would emerge. In fact one day I slept on a Neil Young and Crazy Horse with Booker T and the MGs tshirt from the 80s, it was $40. I hesitated and it was gone.


I eventually learned that the place to find vintage Neil Young Tees was Ebay and would return now and again to spot cool tshirts. Most of them were overpriced and it was discouraging, however persistence and luck finally paid off.

Vintage Neil Young T-shirts from Ebay, worn at the Neil Young concert in Toronto at the ACC.

In the fall of 2012 I was on my iphone in northern Ontario searching the Ebay app when someone in Denver Colorado put his entire collection up for sale, he wasn’t accepting bids and I had the ‘Buy Now’ option. My thumb moved like lightning. Soon after I was emailed a confirmation and after reviewing the three orders, two of them were XL and one, the best score of all from 1974 a ‘live with Crazy Horse’ concert tee was Baby Doll. How could I have been so stupid! I was so anxious to get the shirt, and the design was so vintage and original I overlooked the childlike size of the shirt…and after pausing, I realized it would fit that special someone just right. When Neil finally came to town, we wore our shirts proudly and screamed like kids for the whole show.

Here is what I learned about buying vintage tshirts online:

1. Do not buy clothing on your iphone you might miss an important detail like I did: the size.

2. Examine the originals before you buy so you know it’s not a reprint there are many replications out there.

3. XL is more like a large after 20 years of wash. 

4. Have patience and keep bookmarking your favorite ebay sellers and eventually cool tshirts will appear.

Best of luck and if you’re reading this and have a large Neil Young and Crazy Horse T Shirt, please contact me and include a photo. I’m always on the hunt! Cheers.

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