Best Leather Jackets Vintage Articles

Some of the best Leather Jackets you find are vintage, the character of leather with age becomes unique and beautiful over time. These articles are a celebration of the art of leather jackets for men and women.

Womens Vintage Leather Moto Jacket by Brimaco

Womens 1960s Vintage Leather Moto Jacket - Brimaco

  As we mentioned in previous articles, finding the perfect vintage leather moto jacket can take years. And when you do finally find one it’s well worth the hunt. Just the other day we walked into our favorite vintage boutique in Toronto, we were just browsing, it was really an opportunity stop in and say […]

Vintage Mens Fashion: The Return To Klaxon Howl Part One

Klaxon Howl - Vintage Military, Workwear, Vintage Workboots, Vintage label

  I’m on a subway heading west to Klaxon Howl, mens vintage and designer clothing store run by Matt Robinson. Matt is a vintage junkie who collects and sells classic military, navy, hunting and vintage workwear. This inspired his own Klaxon Howl designer label around 2010. It’s a great store. And this is the first time this year I’ve […]