Mens Waterproof Boots 1950’s Ball Band


  Vintage hunters are always on the lookout for a rare find, which is exactly what happened when my friend Derek scored a pair of vintage mens waterproof boots by Ball Band. These were originally made in Mishawaka Indiana around the 1950s the details and history of these boots are what make it interesting. And after examining […]

Grandmas Advice For Vintage Hunting

Grandmas Advice For Vintage Hunting

  You’re out vintage hunting and you see something rare, you get butterflies but also a feeling that if you don’t purchase this rare item immediately, someone else will. Except, you haven’t done your research and you don’t know whether this thing is even worth a red cent. Then it happens. Your Grandmother enters your thoughts. […]

Vintage Egg Cups From A Great Aunt Make A Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast - Hard boiled egg fun!

  I walked in the kitchen the other morning and a roommate unveiled several rare antiques gifted to her from her great aunt. Some were rare plates, there were some cups, and then there were these two characters. These were some of the best breakfast antiques I’d ever seen, because they made me smile. Talk about a […]

Vintage Home: I Want A Vintage Carhartt Overalls Pam Clock!

Carhartt Overalls Union Made - Pam Clock

  Something happens when you plan a spontaneous evening out, like a night at my favorite restaurant UNION on Ossington. Where I got a closer look at the vintage Carhartt Union Made Overalls Pam Clock, hanging on the wall above the bar. I just knew it was something special. Cahartt was a major player in workwear. […]

Vintage Denim: Union Made Lee Denim Jacket Sanforized

Vintage Lee Denim Jacket - Union Made

Scored a gorgeous, shredded Lee Denim Jacket the other day for $10. It was one of those days when you find something you just don’t expect. I was waiting for someone and decided to pop into an old vintage boutique in a basement that does wholesale vintage. The average age in there was about 18 […]

Vintage Mens Fashion: The Return To Klaxon Howl Part Two

Klaxon Howl Denim Jacket

  Klaxon Howl is a welcome stop along Toronto’s Queen Street west for mens fashion. What makes it special is that Matt Robinson’s own Klaxon Howl boutique label is something of an anomaly, especially when you understand his obsession and respect for the past. It inspires every thought, every pattern and every stitch. In a previous […]

Gianni Versace Fashion Designer

Gianni Versace Fashion Designer

  When your eyes examine the Versace logo you feel as if you’ve entered a time warp; classicism, boldness, gods and goddesses, provocation, and sex. So when Gianni Versace fashion designer entered the world of fashion in 1978 with brother Santo as SEO and Donatella designer, their ideas took the industry by storm. Gianni Versace […]

How To Restore Teak Furniture In Two Steps

Caring For Vintage Teak Furniture

  1960s Vintage Danish Teak furniture is a testament to some of the best in minimalist design, so how do you ensure it lasts forever? Teak wood is the most durable wood in the world but it is not maintenance free. We want to provide some care-tips, so you can restore Teak furniture for indoors or outdoors. And get […]