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Antique Teacup collecting is an art of appreciation and in some cases family history. If you love teacups you will certainly love reading some of our articles that discuss the beauty and detail that went into making them.

3 Rules For Antique Teacup Hunters

Antique tea cups hunting

  Rule #1. Find Something You Like I can’t stress this point enough: find something you like. Whether that’s a color, a pattern, a style, a period. Whatever gets your heart racing, follow that. Collecting should be fun and there’s so much out there to find if you know what you’re looking for! Rule #2. All In The Family Aunts, […]

How To Value Antique Teacups Like A Pro

How To Value Antique Teacups

  You just inherited your grandmothers antique teacups, either you love them and use them, or you want to find out what they’re worth. Or Both! So you rush to clear space on a shelf to show them off to your friends and you wonder, “are these rare tea cups?!” So you spend some time examining […]

The Art Of Collecting Vintage Tea Cups

Antique Teacup Collecting Is So Rich With History

  A lot of people started collecting vintage tea cups because they had them given to them as gifts from a family member. Eventually they create their own antique tea sets matching the designs, colors and history. And because they are all so different once you learn how to examine tea cups you just can’t […]