Welcome To Vintage Scores

I created this site as a place to document all the great vintage scores I find on my travels around the globe and on the net. It’s a destination for the vintage hunter who savours the thrill of discovery and has the patience and determination to uncover something rare.

I talk about things like vintage style, fashion and accessories. I also talk about cars and classics, midcentury modern furniture, vinyl records and rare vintage watches, where to find them, and what makes them special. This site is also for the curious collector who is just browsing for tips or needs a little inspiration to get their hunt started.

If your heart races at the discovery of something rare I hope you enjoy the journey and discovery just as much as I do, happy hunting on the site and I wish you the best of luck on your own journey.

Here’s My Quick Story

I started out like any vintage hunter does by uncovering something rare and wonderful, this thrill-of-the-hunt has lasted 25 years. I scour the US and Canada and sometimes Europe in search of great vintage. Maybe it’s a car or an old radio, or maybe it’s finding a comfortable seat at a cafe somewhere, admiring a woman walking by wearing a vintage scarf. It always changes. Wherever I am I document it and share it here. You can ask me questions or find me on Google+ . Thanks for stopping by.


Some Additional Notes

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