Cars And Classics The 1969 Roadrunner


Take away everything that is not absolutely necessary, hub caps, carpeting, whatever it takes to create the ultimate muscle car, and you get a 1969 Roadrunner. This classic car was Plymouth’s answer an affordable street rod. The 1969 Roadrunner although named after a cute Warner Brothers character was far from cute.

cars and classics 1969 road runner

cars and classics 1969 road runner

It was built for the quarter mile and unlike the tender Corvette it could tackle rough roads and bumps easily, with it’s high ground clearance and solid frame – the B-body line frame as it was called was modeled after the Belvedere and Satellite and it was built like a tank.

Classic 1969 Road Runner Interior

The Roadrunner was a Moonshiners car of choice because it’s 440 engine could outrun any police car. It was free from all amenities and stripped of all excess weight for the sake of performance. This was a raw and simple car. Compared with the cars and classics on the road today, off the line the Road Runner smoked with it’s barrel gun tail pipes screaming bloody murder as it tore off the line and down a stretch of road. And usually with plenty of rubber left smoking on the asphalt.

Classic 1969 Road Runner Engine

To drive one? Imagine sitting inside a volcano about to erupt. The space around you shifting and rocking convulsively as if it’ll burst. The standard manual transmission (3 speed) once engaged unleashes thunderous power and the Roadrunner swallows the quarter mile in under 14 seconds with 4700 rpm and 490 pound-feet of torque lighting up the asphalt.


These cars can still be purchased for a song when you consider one in mint condition goes for $50,000 on Ebay, or if you feel like getting a bit greasy you can still find a decent classic 1969 Roadrunner for $20,000 or even less. But buy them in southern states to avoid rust like the plague. These cars were simple. No computers. Just muscle, with enormous power.

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